Bringing Home to the Center.

Learning Through Fun

We believe Love and Learn Childcare Academy should be more than simply a place parents send their children. The caring environment we seek to create for our children is vital to us, to the parents, and most importantly, to the children. We want to act as a familial extension in which children are encouraged to express their inner creativity, explore their natural curiosity, and develop peer social skills–forming great memories and forging lifelong friendships with both peers and mentors.

We believe the bond between early childcare development provider and parents is key to children’s sense of wholeness, belonging, and self-worth. A child’s routine, day to day accomplishments, developmental goals, and social engagement activity are carefully observed throughout the day by trained teachers with a vested interest in his or her well being.

At Love and Learn Childcare Academy, we tell parents while children often cry on the first day they drop off their child, *we* are the ones who will cry on the last day they pick them up. The bond we make with the children is as important to us as it is to them. Daycare is not merely a job for us – it is a chance to make a difference in young lives for a better world.

Nineteen years ago, my husband and I were in search of a home daycare provider and were blessed to have found Becky.  Both of our boys were a part of her daycare family as babies and remained as part-time members before and after school during their elementary days. We could not have made a better decision for our entire family.  Throughout these years, both boys were given love and attention that helped them become caring teenage boys.  To this day, our family continues a lifelong friendship with Becky and her entire family.  I highly recommend Becky Waytashek as a daycare provider. 

Denae S.

Parent, St. Cloud

I started going to Love and Learn when I was just a baby, but to me it’s Mike and Charla’s. Love and Learn was where I created some of my most favorite memories. We were always laughing and having fun and enjoying Mikey’s famous french toast. I learned so much there, especially how to clean up and share, but there it didn’t feel like learning, it was fun. It was like having another family, but with a lot of siblings who actually get along. I am so happy that they have decided to expand Love and Learn so now more kids can join the family, it’s going to be some of their best memories!

Rose L

Student, St. Cloud

Open since October 2017


We’re looking for great teachers, dedicated to a love of children and learning, with Pre-K childcare experience. Contact Becky or Charla at 320-774-2900.

Childcare Center

We want our children to LOVE AND LEARN  in a positive environment where they can happily develop skills - educationally, socially, and physically - which will make them successful in all they do!

We serve families with children aged infant to Pre-K and are open Monday - Friday from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm.

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