Love and Learn is a caring and nurturing environment and has always treated our son with love and respect. Charla has taken excellent care of our son since he was 8 weeks old and we attribute much of his growth mentally and emotionally to her hard work. Thanks to Love and Learn childcare Holden was not only ready for Kindergarten last fall , he was one of the top students. They truly have been a blessing to us!

Holly and Andy Stalboerger

Not knowing what you truly have until its gone. This is true for our family. Charla was our 3 kids’ second mother and when our family business caused us to move an hour awaywe tried 2 other daycares with no success. It was then that we made the decision to return to Charla where they belong. The 2 hours a day driving was hard and expensive but it was worth every dollar! Charla and Mike provided a safe and loving place for our kids to make friends and make learning fun.  Fast forward and at 18, 15, and 14 our children still ask to go back and visit!

The Nilson Family

Our children have been enrolled at Love & Learn for nearly 5 years and what a blessing it has been!  They have not only been enrolled in a daycare, but they have been part of a family.  Love & Learn staff devote time and attention to each and every child in their care.  Not only do they care for the children, they love them and consider them part of their own family.   Choosing Love & Learn was the best decision we have made for child care and I am confident you will feel the same.

Tara Prom

My husband and I went through two in home daycares before we found a home at Love and Learn with Mike and Charla when our daughter was 3 years old. My daughter adores the Attar’s and though she is going into 3rd grade now, she is always eager to return for school breaks and summer! They treat their kids like family for life and we return as often as possible. We will be friends for life and I am so grateful for the ability to stop my child off and know she’s right at home. I would recommend them to anyone but because of their impeccable reputation they rarely had openings. Opening a center allows them to take their philosophy and be there for more kids. So excited for their future!!

Shanna and Randy Beckstrom

Becky Waytashek puts her entire heart into her work as a daycare provider. I was so lucky to have found her, and I knew right away I had found the person I would want to watch my son. She not only cares deeply for the children in her care, but she also believes in the success the kids can have in the future. For me, and I know for many other parents who have had their kids in her daycare, Becky is more than just a daycare lady; she is a part of our families. When my husband died, Becky had had my son in her daycare for less than a year – he was only 17 months old. Since then, she and her husband and sons have become part of our family. My son adores her because of her sincere love and devotion. I cannot say enough good things about Becky and her family. Anyone who chooses to go to Love and Learn Childcare Academy will have that same care for their children. I would choose Becky to be the caregiver for my son a million times over. She gives her heart and soul to her daycare kids. I wish her all the best for the future at her academy. Jodee Blair

When I think back to my early childhood years, I think of all the memories and friendships I made at daycare. My days at daycare are still talked about and I am now 19 years old. When I went to Becky’s daycare I always felt loved, safe, included, and was constantly busy having fun while learning and playing with my friends. I couldn’t be more thankful for the daycare I went to because my daycare family became my second family. To this day, I still consider Becky my second mom. I would recommend anyone to send their children to Love and Learn Childcare in a heartbeat because they will get the opportunity to have the amazing experience I got during my daycare years.

Keanna Brudwick

Ever since I was born Becky was a part of my life. She was a second mother to me and turned me into the man I am today. I went to daycare from ages 0-10. I made some of my greatest lifelong friends at daycare. It was a great environment to grow up in. The food was always fabulous and there was always something to do instead of sitting down and watching TV. We would make crafts and play outside on the playground everyday. Daycare was my second home and I loved it. Some days I hid because I didn’t want to leave my best friend Ben…who is also your son. You are awesome Becky and continue doing what you do.

Sam Stuber

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